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Looking for an amazing event?

No matter how big or small, whether it is a catering event, an organised dinner party or even a bespoke supper club we will delighted to work with you.

Please contact us for more information and for the upcoming supper clubs in the city. 


What we offer 



Personal chef experience 

  • Have your own chef for a day

  • Customised menus tailored to your taste and dietary preferences.

  • Gastronomic delights crafted for special occasions or intimate dinners.

  • Exclusive dining in the comfort of your home.

  • Stress-free, professional service from menu planning to table setting.

  • Cooking demonstration and mastwerclasses? We have them for you!


Supper clubs

  • Multi-Course Dining Experiences

  • Intimate events

  • Chef's Table Experiences

  • Themed Dinners or Pop-Up Events

  • Wine or Cocktail Pairing Events

  • Food Tastings and Experiments

  • Community Engagement and Social Dining

  • Farm-to-Table or Locally Sourced Menus

  • Food Pairing Events

  • Corporate event experiences 


Event Catering 

  • Custom Cake Designs

  • Sweet tables 

  • Artisan Canapés

  • Seasonal Menus

  • Dietary Accommodations

  • Interactive Tastings

  • Delivery and Setup

  • Grazing tables Dessert Tables

  • Celebration Packages

what we offer
Office Employees

Kristopher P, UK

“The best meal I've ever had."

Elena M, UK

"Everybody in the office loved everything specially the cakes"

Rodrigo M, UK

“All of our guests were very impressed by the food and service, thank you.”

Lisa D, UK

“ I had the new cake and canapés service and it was amazing!! You guys never cease to surprise us"

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